Coming off the South Plains into the Foothills of the Caprock and Motley County is like entering a unique place where riders on horseback might be seen on a city street, calves are sometimes spied behind a house, the number of people is surpassed by the number of animals, and it is sometimes difficult to know which is more wild.

The communities of Flomot, Matador, Northfield, Roaring Springs, and Whiteflat have become one entity identified by a common heritage of ranching and farming and creating a retreat for country and city folk alike. With a variety of activities during each season, the residents extend a calm and genuine hospitality to visitors, a time for relaxation and occasionally an opportunity to kick up their heels. Guests may move back in time on an archeological dig or when touring a historic jail or a museum housed in a building that was originally a hospital. Wildlife enthusiasts may watch birds in a designated wildlife preserve or just drive down a county road and to see them as well as deer, feral hogs, and turkey. Enjoy quality accommodations, park your RV using first-class hook-ups, and enjoy excellent restaurants.

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